गंगा गंगेति यो ब्रूयात, योजनानां शतैरपि। मुच्यते सर्वपापेभ्यो, विष्णुलोके स गच्छति॥

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Balram Mishra was born in 1960. Balram Mishra ji has been donating works of worship from Assi Ghat to Shivala Ghat for 6 generations before him. In the reign of Akbar, the donation letter by Todermal ji is also called Raja Ajna Ke. He is still safe with Balram ji. For more than 200 years, he has been carrying on the livelihood of his family and the traditions of the Ghats with the donations received from worshiping at the ghats, in which Ganga Pujan is the main form of Ganga Pujan or Ganga Aarti in the grand form of Ganga Aarti in the year 2001. Bigger form happened. Also the locker facility at the ghats, CCTV facility, place to change clothes, drinking facility at the ghats, cleaning of the ghats, i.e. conducting worship work of pilgrims coming from outside faith and conducting other religious and cultural and social activities.

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Overall, Ganga Sewa Samiti Varanasi plays a significant role in the conservation and welfare of the River Ganges in Varanasi. Through their efforts, they aim to protect this iconic river and raise awareness about its cultural, religious, and environmental importance.
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